UnDead Ghost Stories
Cheesman Legends
umors of ghosts and bizarre phenomena in Cheesman abound online and in books. But after visiting Cheesman many hundreds of times, over decades of time, I've never had a single paranormal encounter that I can recall. The only magic I can recall was seeing a beautiful rainbow over the pavillion once. And I caught that on my camera. There was even a week in the Summer of 1991, when I slept in the park while I was momentarily homeless. Slept like a baby. Likewise, none of my ancestors who lived in Denver and visited the area once known as a cemetery, ever reported anything bizarre about Cheesman. Likewise, I have met tens of thousands of Denver citizens and have yet to meet one who has reported any paranormal Cheesman experience.

No-Shadow Mystery Solved?
Some of the Cheesman ghost legends include hearing multiples of whispering voices and a spot where the sun never casts a shadow at noon. Well, for the first time, I am going to reveal exactly where this spot is. It's underground. And if you dig it up, then it will be above ground. But the sun never shines underground. Hence, no shadows.

RU Depressed?
Many people supposedly report suffering depression in Cheesman Park. But I've seen plenty of happiness there. In fact, as all the locals will attest, there are gay people in the park. They do not look depressed in the slightest. Of course, anyone might be a little depressed if someone stepped in some doggie doo. And I get depressed when I see cars circling Cheesman endlessly, making it hard for me to breathe or enjoy some quiet. But depression in Cheesman? It's more like "dead in Denver". Cheesman is one of the happier places in town.

Go Away Kid, There's Ghosts in Here!
I can only imagine that many of the Cheesman stories were possibly fabricated in the Victorian era by unscupulous paid grave removers who were supposed to be neatly exhuming bodies, so the place could become a park. They wanted privacy when they were looting, chopping up skeletons and decayed remains and defiling the remains of everyone, to make a quick buck and leave most of the graves unremoved. I would guess that the presence of little children watching their misdeeds, inspired them to make up ghostly stories to run the little witnesses off. The grave hackers did not want these kids to spill the beans. The area was essentially rural at that time or suburban at best. But word of mouth was the main form of gossip.

In one case, a grave worker who was looting, ran off and claimed he was contacted by a ghost. Well, how much credibility are we talkin' about here? He was paid to remove graves and was caught robbing them. And generally, from what I've read and heard, the whole project was a fraud anyway. Bones from a single body were being divided and crushed as a pretense of greater human decay, to give the false impression that all of the bodies were being removed.

Now I for one, have no intention of saying the ghost stories are all false. I don't want a skeletal hand coming up from the ground and pulling me down into the underworld when I'm up in Chesman doing my meditation on the grass under a tree. But if you have an experience with the undead in Cheesman Park, please get in touch.


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